Do you guarantee that your plants will thrive?

No.  We do our best to assure that all plants are in good health when we sell them, but we can't be responsible for how they perform after they leave the greenhouse.  Bad weather, pest damage and other threats to plant health are beyond our control.

Do you offer senior discounts?

No, but we do have volume discounts.  Please see the Pricing page for details.

Can I return or exchange plants?

If you purchases too many of a variety or simply changed your mind about a plant, an exchange might be possible... at the discretion of the sales person.  In order to qualify, the plant(s) must be in good condition and exchanged for another plant of the same price.

Why don't you have carts?

Since the greenhouses were built for growing plants rather than for creating an efficient sales area, there are some narrow aisles and steps that would make carts impractical.  We do have boxes available for carrying your plants while shopping.  If you have difficulty carrying the plants, let us know and we would be happy to assist you.

I've filled one box with plants and would like to get more.  Is there someplace I can put these?

Feel free to set your boxes on the sales counter, the bench, or even the floor if we're really busy.  Just let the sales person know which boxes are yours when you're ready to check out.

If I buy a flat of plants, why do you transfer the plants into boxes?  Why can't I just take them home in the flat?

We prefer to keep the plastic web trays because they are, quite frankly, more expensive to replace than the boxes.  We keep the web trays so that we can continue to reuse them until they fall apart.  In some cases, customers will buy several full flats of plants and, in those cases, we may skip the boxes and simply request that the customer bring back the web trays at their convenience.  But, in general, most plants are sent home in boxes.

Do you take back pots?

Yes, we will accept and reuse pots that came from our greenhouse (such as 3" or 4" square).  We cannot, however, reuse packs or pots purchased at another greenhouse (such as small round pots).