2022 Prices

Everything on sale now! Prices may change at any time.

Flower Packs: $3.29 (3 plants per pack)

Vegetables (Packs & Pots): $3.79

Annual Flowers in 4-5" Pots: $6.49

Perennials: $6.99

8" Tomato Pot: $9.99

Regal Geranium in 6" Pots: $14.99

Seedling Geranium 6-Pack: $14.99

Wave Petunia 6-Pack: $14.99

Pansy Bowl: $14.99

Hanging Baskets: $27.99

Planters: $27.99

* Volume Discounts: If you purchase 12 or more items in a price category, you will receive a discount of 20ยข on each of those items.  They do not need to be purchased in multiples of 12 and they do not need to be the same type of plant; you can mix and match.